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Laboratory & Testing

“We have more to learn from animals, than animals have to learn from us.”



Having our own in-house lab saves valuable time in testing and diagnosing our pet patients. Whether they’re here for a wellness visit or emergency care, having a modern lab resource on-site helps provide immediate answers to any health question.



Unlike human patients, pet patients can’t tell their doctor what’s bothering them. That’s why as Veterinarians it’s important for us to have the equipment to perform a wide range of tests right in our office. It helps us figure out what’s wrong quicker, so we can get our patients back on their feet quicker.

  • In-House Laboratory Testing

  • Digital Radiography

  • Ultrasound


Digital Thermal imaging

This is a a valuable tool in helping diagnose inflammation or lack of circulation and pinpointing its exact location in an animal’s body. 

Digital Thermal Imaging gives us a visual physiological map of the area being examined. This mapping of the thermal gradients through thermography visually illustrates neural irritation or dysfunction. Eliminating the guesswork and leading to quicker, more accurate diagnoses.


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