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“Dogs laugh. But they laugh with their tails.”



Dr. Kris started Aqua Dog Rehab in 2007, now Aqua Dog and Cat Rehabilitation— A state-of-the-art center for canine and feline physical therapy and integrative rehabilitation services based in Flanders, New Jersey. Our caring team of therapists, led by Dr. Kris is here to help your pet with customized treatment plans that combine the latest therapies and techniques with plenty of love and support. Limited services are available here at Hodes Veterinary Group. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kris if the Mine Hill location or hours better suit your scheduling needs. She can perform exams, consultations, and select minor treatments here; however, the majority of our therapeutic services take place at the Flanders facility, where we have plenty of space and access to our full range of equipment.


Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is most commonly used to decrease inflammation and increase an animal’s mobility. Cold laser therapy treats the surface of the skin, while hot laser treatments affect deeper tissues. Recently, cold laser therapy is being used to treat animals with arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries, or to promote wound healing. The treatment is not painful or uncomfortable. In fact, in most cases the animals lie calmly and enjoy the stimulation. Depending on a pet’s size and areas needing therapy, treatment times take between 10- and 20-minutes.



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